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Chronicles of Boredom

Just Missed the Train

5 March 1984
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hi. my name is christie and i'm a 26 year-old lesbian living in rocky hill, ct. probably the most important thing to know about me is that i like girls... a lot. i love ellen degeneres and jane lynch. i want to be just like her, hilarious but more gay. i love meeting new people and making new friends.

i was trying to go to school at central connecticut state university. i'm not attending at the moment as i am far too much of a cripple. yeah, i have systemic lupus erythematosus, fibromyalgia, raynaud's phenomenon, and avascular necrosis in multiple locations. no, i'm not going to explain any of them because then we'd be here all week. let's just put it this way, i have had both hips replaced, both my shoulders replaced, my knees need to be replaced, and sometimes i have to walk with a can or a walker.

so if you have an issues with lesbians or cripples, you don't want to read my journal.

i'm a part-time student at central connecticut state university. i don't actually have a major yet, as i have no idea what i want to be when i grow up. oh, and i have systemic lupus erythematosus. sorry, i like showing off with big medical terms. i have lupus... and i've had to deal with some complications from it, but i try to live my life as normally as possible.

i need to warn you before you start reading my journal. i'm what i like to refer to as a "pop culture lesbian." this pretty much means that pop culture knowledge is pretty much my biggest hobby. i like to rant a lot about such things in my journal and spoilage is a huge possibility. i talk about such shows as:

all my children
buffy the vampire slayer
closer to home
crossing jordan
gilmore girls
grey's anatomy
the l word
law & order
law & order: special victims unit
law & order: criminal intent
the o.c.
once & again
out of practice
queer as folk
south of nowhere
tru calling
will & grace
the x-files

my rantage is not limited to these shows. now that you have been warned, you may read and enjoy. just remember that i don't claim to actually have a life.


Kelly Clarkson is Addicted Love

10 reasons to love kelly clarkson
01. she's got an incredible voice
02. i can somehow relate to pretty much all of her songs
03. she's unbelievably funny
04. she's wicked hott (what? she is)
05. she has a huge thing against underwear
06. she likes being nekkid (i say nekkid and not naked 'cause that's the way she says it)
07. she thinks beyonce is hott, saying of the video for crazy in love, "i got turned on and i'm not even a lesbian"
08. she also has a major thing against animal clothing
09. she rawks out to her own music in the car when she hears it on the radio
10. when from justin to kelly came out, she told people not to see it

kelly clarkson's only flaws
01. she's not a lesbian
02. she's a mariah carey fan

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Spencer Carlin is Innocent Love

Ashley Davies is Badass Love

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