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Chronicles of Boredom

kelly clarkson killed my soul

kelly clarkson killed my soul

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Just a Dream
turns out that my left shoulder is worse than my right shoulder. it's right on the verge of collapse. i'm not surprised, they both hurt like a bitch. the really fun part of the appointment was the fact that grams was there. yeah, she had the day off because it was a holiday, so she got to tag along. of course she bitched through the entire appointment, asking over and over if there was something else that could be done besides surgery. orthopaedic surgeon explained to her over and over again that there wasn't and if we continued to wait forever to have it done, than it would collapse and the surgery would be a lot more invasive. this still didn't satisfy her, but i told her to shut up.

of course, i still have to get off of my immunosuppressants. so, i'm stopping those today, which means i can have surgery on... march 5th. wait, i'll give everyone a second to figure out the significance of march 5th. that's right! i'm getting a new shoulder for my 25th birthday. before everyone jumps on my back about how i should put it off an extra week or whatever... please don't bother. see, i'm living with a whole bunch of pain on a very regular basis... i wish i didn't even have to wait that long to have it done. i'm having it done on my birthday... you know, unless the lupus goes into overdrive because i'm not on any medication for it.

that's okay. my life could be a whole lot worse than it actually is. my life would suck without you should officially be playing a whole bunch on radio stations tomorrow. it's supposed to anyway. i'm all kinds of upset at kelly clarkson right now, though. she just dropped in favorite points by a lot... and yet she's still winning when it comes to favorite celebrities. by A LOT. i just found out that her second single is supposed to be called (i do not) hook up and you'll never guess who wrote it. well, kara dioguardi (the new judge on american idol for anyone who doesn't know), who actually helps write a lot of kelly clarkson's music, at least on breakaway... but also FUCKING katy perry. you have no idea how angry i am over this. i mean, katy perry? i'm not surprised either, with a name like, (i do not) hook up. though i suppose if katy perry were singing it, it would be i hook up all the time, with boys and girls, depending on how drunk i am. stupid fucking katy perry. kelly, how could you stoop so low?

it's just not right.
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