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Chronicles of Boredom

yay for books and pasta!

yay for books and pasta!

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So Not the Drama
i feel like i'm in a really good place right now. i finally feel like i really understand the vast majority of the stuff going on in my life and i've either done what i have to or i'm in the process of doing what i have to do in order to make things better. i think i'm doing a pretty okay job so far. i certainly feel a hell of a lot better about how my life is going.

i had to call and reschedule my appointment with orthopaedic surgeon today. see, my house is completely surrounded by ice. i didn't really feel that i should take the chance of going out this morning and potentially slipping, falling, and breaking one of my hips... as i was, ironically, going to a follow-up appointment for my hip. i especially don't want to go and screw up one of my hips as i now have to start seriously thinking about getting my shoulder replaced. i don't need to add problems to the list... i need to subtract them.

unfortunately, i still got up at 8am and i was unable to go back to sleep after i rescheduled my appointment. the whole falling asleep and staying asleep thing is still a very big problem for me. even more unfortunate was the fact that after a while i regretted rescheduling my appointment, because if i had kept the appointment, i would have had the car and i wouldn't be so freaking bored.

at some point i made the decision that i needed to get out of the house at some point today. so when grams came home on her lunch hour, i asked her what her plans were when she got out of work. realizing that i was asking if she wanted to bring me somewhere later, she asked where i wanted to go. i told her i wanted to go to border's to use my gift card. see, 'cause then not only do i get to get out of the house later, but i can by reading material that might keep me entertained for a few days. it seemed like a really good temporary solution to my boredom problems.

as i was talking to grams though, i decided that if we were already out of the house, i should ask if she wanted to eat out tonight. she said sure and i thought it was a really good time see if she wanted to go to the olive garden, since we'd be in the area... as she never wanted to go in any of the times i've asked her over the past, say, year or so. it's very sad and unfortunate. she said she'd think about it, but unsure if that's what she wanted... not that i think she even remembered what the olive garden was, as she kept asking me what kind of food they have.

i decided there was one more thing i could try to do ensure that i could get some yummy chicken alfredo for dinner tonight... i suggested that i call my uncle and see if he wanted to go with us tonight. she said sure, call him. so i called uncle danny and asked him what he was doing tonight... i was incredibly disappointed when he told me that he planned to go to a meeting tonight with his friend, bill. he asked why i wanted to know and i told him it didn't matter 'cause he already had plans. he said, no, no... tell me why you wanted to you. so i said me and grams were going to the olive garden and wanted to know if he wanted to go. he then got excited and said he would totally blow off bill and the meeting for the olive garden.

so, i get to eat yummy, delicious italian food for dinner and get some reading material to keep me amused for a few days. it should be whole bunches of fun. i really have to go take a shower and get ready though, as grams gets out of work in a half an hour and i need to be ready. if dinner and border's is entertaining enough, or if i buy something really awesome, i might come home and update again before i go to bed. then again, maybe i'll be too excited about what i buy and want to start reading it right away. we'll just have to see.
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