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Chronicles of Boredom

kelly clarkson!!

kelly clarkson!!

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Kelly Clarkson
well, it's getting around to that time that everyone who has the privilege of knowing me, hates a whole bunch.

that my friends is the cover art of kelly clarkson's new single, my life would suck without you, which will be coming out on january 19th. i don't care if you're not excited, i am all kinds of excited and i think that's what really matters here.

of course, there is still no cover art out for the album. as i've already told people, it will come out on march 17th. if they delay it, i will cry. as of right now though, that's the date that it's supposed to drop.

wait! there's more good news! they already have a name for the album too. it'll be called all i ever wanted, and i will be the first person in line at best buy whenever the hell it opens that day to buy it. no, i'm just kidding. i'm pretty obsessive, but i'm not like, stalker crazy.

a whole bunch of people didn't like my december. i mean, i liked it 'cause it was kelly clarkson... but even i'll admit that breakaway kinda blew it out of the water. so, to fix this problem, kelly clarkson is going back to her old style of music. all i ever wanted will be much more like breakaway. so hopefully she'll have a bunch of new singles and i'll be able to drive people mad with them.

i was considering writing more, about stuff that's actually significant (not that kelly clarkson isn't significant, i think all things that make me happy are), but i don't really have the time to do so right now.

meaghan's getting ready to bring me home... and i kinda just wanna go home, take a shower, make some tea, and write about stuff. i've been writing a lot lately and i definitely feel like it's helping.

so maybe you'll see another entry later, maybe you won't. i'm sure you'll see one on monday though, after i find out what my hematologist has to say. there will probably be another update on tuesday after i find out what my rheumatologist has to say. then there will be another one on thursday after i see orthopaedic surgeon. dammit.

guys, i'm sorry that all i ever write about is kelly clarkson and my health. it makes me sad too.
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