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Chronicles of Boredom

my fairy tale:revised

my fairy tale:revised

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Rachel & Luce
once upon a time, in the land of right up the street, there lived a girl. we'll call her princess very crippled. even though princess very crippled was a girl, she often found that old people often got confused and thought she was a boy. that was okay, it never bothered her.

however, princess very crippled lived with the evil witch of the land of up the street, grandmother-bitches-a-lot. princess very crippled knew that grandmother-bitches-a-lot hated the fact princess very crippled liked pretty girls. a lot. grandmother-bitches-a-lot was terribly afraid that people would see princess very crippled and assume she was gay. this also didn't bother princess very crippled, as she was gay. she was very gay. however, grandmother-bitches-a-lot's problem with princess very crippled's gayness is another story for another day.

then one day long ago, in gay time, princess very crippled met the most beautiful woman she had ever seen. her name was princess never silly and she was from the land of just a few towns over. they spent a lot of time together, talking about anything and everything. it didn't matter what they were doing, they just liked spending time together. over the next several months, they were incredibly happy. they frolicked through meadows with prairie weasels and kitties and kissed each other goodbye outside of princess very cripple's castle. oh, grandmother-bitches-a-lot did not appreciate that. not that princess very crippled cared.

so it went on like that for a while, both princesses were both in love and they were happy. however, as everybody knows, fairy tales don't work like that. you can't just be happy forever, something's gonna happen and there's going to be some kind of obstacle that you have to face in order to prove that you are worthy of continuing on a happy path. it's true, there are stories and songs all about it. go listen to taylor swift.

unfortunately for the princesses, their obstacle would not be an easy one to overcome. see, one day a vast darkness descended on princess very crippled (like she didn't already have enough problems). anyway, the darkness spread through her and she became an entirely different person. she started acting completely out of character for her. where she was usually fairly happy and joked around about everything, she was now very depressed and didn't see the point of anything.

the worst part was that she allowed the darkness to destroy her relationship with princess never silly. the princesses had always been able to talk to each other about everything, but eventually, princess very crippled stopped really talking to princess very silly. see, princess very crippled did not like anybody to see her when she so weak. she didn't want princess never silly to know how bad everything really was, so she went around pretending like nothing was wrong.

this was a stupid idea and somebody should hit princess very crippled upside the head a few times just for thinking it. they might even consider using princesses very crippled's cane. see, by that point in their relationship, princess never silly could read princess very crippled like a book and she always knew when something was wrong. princess very crippled figured that the darkness would go away eventually, she would just have to wait it out. there was a major flaw in that plan though.

she never meant to intentionally hurt princess very silly, for she loved her with all her heart. that didn't really matter though, for the darkness had gotten so bad, that princess very crippled just didn't think about the consequences of her actions anymore. at that point, there was no way to save the relationship between the princesses. princess crippled had hid things, became paranoid about everything, and for some reason expected princess never silly to fix all of princess very crippled's problems. long story short, she hurt princess never silly very badly.

princess very crippled often wishes that she could take back everything that happened, but she knows that it doesn't work that way in fairy tales... it doesn't work that way in real life either. so she'll have to prove herself some other way.

someday, maybe there will be a happy ending, where princess very crippled can come and swoop princess never silly away on her white horse... even though she's pretty much afraid of horses. i'm pretty sure she'd brave a horse for princess never silly though.

so guys, i'm sorry that i didn't tell you a fairy tale that has a happy ending. someday soon though, princess very crippled is going to figure out what she has to do in order to win back princess never silly's heart.
  • lol, you're ridiculous.
    Are you really afraid of horses???
    • i know i am ridiculous and i take great pride in it.

      it's not so much that i'm afraid of horses per se, it's the part where i could fall off of one and they could trample my face in. for as you know, i have a tiny face, so i clearly have to have a tiny head for it to fit on. so, i wouldn't take a whole bunch for a horse to make me look incredibly deformed, or dead. so i figure that if i stay away from then, i can keep my tiny head just the way it is.

      however, if i did have to fighting dragons and witches and gargoyles, or whatever the hell monsters they fight in fairy tales, i would brave my fear of horses for you.

      i'm thinking on expanding on my fairy tale. goodness, i'm retarded. i would like to remind you though, that you talk to me by choice.
  • This story was very intersting, but it ended sadly. Fairy tales are supposed to end happily ever after, keep writing it till it's happy!

    Can I have a fairy tale name? :D
    • i know they're supposed to have happy ending... but it's an on-going fairy tale. hopefully someday there will be a happy ending and then i will finish the fairy tale. as for now, it's just the beginning.

      hmm... well, your fairy tale name would clearly be princess glitters pink.
  • its not over till the fat lady sings!!!!!!!! its also not the end until its happy =] good luck with your princess, i lost mine a long time ago. Her evil stepmother sent her to Military Academy where she met another more lovable beautiful, fantastic princess better than me. And it makes me very sad... but this is life.
    can i have a princess name too? I think it would help me "get back on the horse" as they say :-p
    • that is sad. perhaps that wasn't your final fairy tale and you are meant to find a far better princess. some day you may find a princess that won't go off and hook up with a random wench just 'cause she's not near you anymore. there are other princesses out there and you'll find her eventually.

      goodness, my imagination is going to stop working for me soon. i think that your fairy tale name would be princess crazily energetic.
      • mwahahahaha
        just think of all the mischief i can get into with a princess name like Princess Crazily Eneergeticcccc
        • that's why i chose it. i figure, you can pretty much anything, you just have to tell people what your name is. it's kinda like how i could get away with being a knight 'cause some people think i'm a boy.

          see, in my fairy tale world, everything is awesome. too bad we can't live there for real.
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